Edmund Rice College proudly accepted its first students in September 2016. It is the newest and most modern school in Carrigaline, with the permanent school building completed in April 2017.

The school came into being due to the demand from the people of Carrigaline for a new second-level school, and having been consulted, they opted for a Catholic voluntary secondary school as their preferred type of school. Edmund Rice College caters for girls and boys.

As a Catholic voluntary secondary school, Edmund Rice College is welcoming of all students, but is guided by and takes as its inspiration the message and values of the Gospels. The school is under the trusteeship of the Edmund Rice Schools Trust (ERST) and you can learn more about the Trust and its vision of education on our website.

Although Edmund Rice College is only in its infancy, it belongs to a group of schools which have a long and proud history in Irish education. These schools, through their pupils, have made an immense contribution to Irish culture and society. Edmund Rice College wishes to be part of that history by ensuring the highest standard of education for its pupils, so that our students will realise their potential and make their contribution to the world in which they live.