Junior Cycle

The school offers a range of subjects for students to study at Junior Cycle. All students are required to study the following subjects (clicking on the name provides information about the subject) in Edmund Rice College;


Irish (unless they have an exemption as per the rules from the Department of Education)


Religious Education







Students in first-year, from September until December, undertake a taster programme in the following subjects, from which they will eventually pick three for to present for examination.

For the academic year 2017/18 it is intended first-year students will choose one subject from ( note this is subject to change depending on teacher allocation);

Home Economics                   Music                  Technical Graphics                 Spanish


Home Economics                   German                Art                                             Technology


MTW (Woodwork)               French                   Art                                              Business Studies

In first-year, students also have a weekly Tutor Class in which their progress is monitored by their class teacher and any issues of an academic or pastoral nature can be resolved. First-years also have a class of ICT.

Students usually will present in ten subjects for the Junior Certificate examinations; Irish, English, Maths, RE, Geography, History, Science, and their three optional subjects.