Learning online  cannot replace the traditional classroom because it is by its very essence or nature not completely ‘real.’ Teaching on the Internet is teaching in virtual reality, but not in reality. Therefore it does not replace the school timetable, but rather complements it and supports the learning in the classroom. It most certainly cannot replace the encouraging word or the support of a teacher in the classroom.  It does however make resources and guidance available to students, both in school and out of school.

Over the past number of months we have increased our use of technology so as to ensure that all our students can learn in a safe and accessible manner. An increasing number of teachers are putting classroom work, learning materials and homework up on Google Classroom. It has been a learning curve for both staff and students and we appreciate your support and understanding of our efforts.  

Students, with the support of  parents/guardians, are learning to manage their time and how they use and interact with those resources. We understand that the use of Classroom may be uneven due to a number of factors; limits placed on students and school staff in terms of access, broadband speed and device availability and suitability.  Below are some resources to help students and their parents/guardians to ensure their continued and effective use of Google Classroom and the use of technology in their learning.   


1st Year Google Classroom Codes

2nd Year Google Classroom Codes

3rd Year Google Classroom Codes

4th Year Google Classroom Codes

5th Year Google Classroom Codes